Lunch Information

Maschio's Food Services has been proudly serving lunch to Morris Plains students since 2004. Currently, lunch is free for all students. It is, however, critical that Free/Reduced Lunch Applications be completed by eligible families in order to receive other related benefits (ie; EBT benefits). Please check the district website for more information regarding eligibility.

Every meal served meets State and Federal nutritional requirements. We offer both cold and hot choices, including kids' favorites and work hard to have fresh fruit and vegetables available daily. Monthly menus are available in the cafeteria ,on the school's website in backpack mail or by visiting https.//

All meals include a protein, whole grain, vegetable, fruit and low fat milk.

Students who choose to eat lunch with us have a lot of options.

We enjoy serving lunch to your children and strive to make it an affordable, nutritious and appealing option.